How We Provide the Best Value for Irrigation Repair in Austin

We charge a single one-time tune-up and diagnostic fee of $79.00, which includes adjusting and cleaning heads, programing the controller to your needs, minimizing overspray, evaluating any needed rapairs and optimizing water conservation. WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING AN EARLY SPRING SPECIAL FOR $59.00.

We charge a fixed price on additional repairs so you need not worry about a technician "chewing up the clock" and so you know exactly what will be charged. It doesn't matter if were there one hour or five hours, same price. We are confident in out ability to do a repair job better than the original installation in timely and efficient manner.

These are some examples of typical repair costs:

Replace a head-$14.80

Replace a rotor-$34.40

Cap or Raise a head-$8.50

Add a head-$25.00+ (depending on distance)

Fix a broken pipe-$26.00+ (depending on complexity)

Rebuild a valve-$85.50 (for common 1"valves)

Replace a valve-$135.70 ( for a 1" valve, larger commercials are more)

Install a system wide pressure reducer-$195.00

New controller-$250.00 to $450.00

Installing a rain sensor- $150.00 (call for guidance on these)

Install a Backflow Preventer-$325.00+ (depending on pvb, dcv, rpz)

Locating valves-$45.00 for the first and $25.00 for each additional

Adding a Zone-$450.00+

Drip systems, wire break locating, pool reworks, and other jobs are so individualized, its best to give you a firm quote once the site is evaluated.

These are just a few items from out fixed price list.

All repairs are warrantied for one year. some parts carry and additional warranty.

Please feel free to call and we'd be happy to discuss and give you a ballpark figure on your repair.